yPLT Airdrop — Top 100 Wallet

Dev will distribute the 5% yPLT generated from liquidity mining back to the community.

  • Updated on 13th October 2020-

Top 100 wallets with min 5,000 yPLT will qualify for 1,500 yPLT reward.

As part of our initial effort to rebuild the community before PlutusSwap AMM system launch, we will be distributing yPLT tokens in DEV wallet to our existing and new token holders.

150,000 yPLT in DEV wallet will be distributed to the top 100 token holders (including existing token holders shown on Etherscan *except UniSwap, PlutusSwap and Dev wallets). An equal amount of yPLT will be divided and distributed to the top 100 token holders. To qualify, each wallet must hold at least 5,000 yPLT.

Snapshot will be taken at random timing from Wednesday to Sunday (14th Oct — 18th Oct, 22:00 GMT +8). Users must hold a min of 5,000 yPLT during this period starting from 14th Oct, Wed, in order to qualify. yPLT Rewards will be distributed the following week.

No submission of any form or registration required on the user’s end. Just need to have yPLT in wallet and user will receive the yPLT rewards the week after.

Each qualified users will receive 1500 yPLT as reward.

Why did the team distribute back the yPLT generated from liquidity mining?

We understand that our community members will be concerned about the yPLT emission rate during genesis mining. 5% of the yPLT mined during the genesis stage means that the PlutusSwap Dev is currently one of the top few token holders of yPLT. To prevent future #FUD of Dev dumping yPLT, we decided to give back majority of the yPLT and further emphasise on equitable distribution during the initial stage. Development for PlutusSwap will still continue with funding from Plutus Capital’s existing resources.

What is the purpose of this airdrop campaign?

On top of distributing yPLT to existing token holders, our goal here is to encourage new community members into our ecosystem before AMM launch. Targeted 100 token holders is just a start and we don’t intend to stop there. You can continue to stake the LP tokens and receive yPLT in return. As for what can you do with yPLT in the future, please refer to this report.

Where can I buy yPLT to participate?




I am new here, where can I find more information about PlutusSwap?

Introduction: https://bit.ly/2Hd0W3r
Website: https://yplutus.finance
Documents: https://yplutus.gitbook.io/plutusswap

Does the team holds any pre-mined tokens?

No. All yPLT tokens are burnt as of 9th October: https://bit.ly/3lxbUzJ

Who is behind yPLT?

Since 2015, we have been a diverse group of pragmatic individuals and idealists. We believe that the key to unlocking economic equality, prosperity and financial freedom lies in developing strong Fintech use-cases on cutting-edge Distributed Ledger Technology. Most importantly, we are neither a chef nor food. We aspire to bank the unbanked, bringing fundamental financial rights to billions of individuals across the globe. We want to unbank the banked, stripping away the financial prison that many in the first world are enslaved to.

We are the followers of the great Plutus.

Plutus Capital
Telegram Channel
Telegram Group
Master Contract




As devoted followers of the god of wealth, Plutus, we are here to disrupt the egregious abuse of financial rights by distributing wealth to the mass with $yPLT.

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As devoted followers of the god of wealth, Plutus, we are here to disrupt the egregious abuse of financial rights by distributing wealth to the mass with $yPLT.

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